Thursday, 31 December 2015

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Having a New Year party? This recipe on my 'sister' blog would make a tasty addition to a New Year buffet.
Falafel is also good for a packed lunch as it can be enjoyed cold.
This blog post was included in the magazine,'The No Meat Allowed! Daily'-

My thoughts and prayers are with all who have suffered from the recent flooding. My fear is that if fracking goes ahead, as seems likely now, the situation may only get worse. 
Please read the blog post on my 'sister' blog for more information-

Here's a dessert you may want to enjoy this New Year, 'Vegan Avocado Mousse with variations'
It is amazing that vegan ingredients can so closely resemble non-vegan chocolate mousse. No need to add refined sugar or sweetener either because there is enough sweetness in the banana and dates. A dessert that is delicious, healthy and easy to make - what more could you ask?
Please see the recipe on my 'sister' blog-

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