Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Partying hard? Yogic help for lack of sleep

Been missing out on sleep lately with all the parties over Christmas and New Year?  Yoga Nidra or 'yogic sleep' could be the answer.  

My mother used to get up at 5am to work in a weaving mill as well as look after a house and her child.  The washing used to take hours and was labour intensive.  We didn't have a freezer so shopping had to be done daily and with no central heating a fire had to be lit. I was often ill with asthma at a time when there was little in the way of medicines to help. Needless to say she was tired.  Then she bought a book on yoga.  She didn't do the asanas but every day when she finished her shift at the mill she would have 20 minutes 'yoga sleep', a state of deep relaxation.  This, she used to say was equivalent to at least two hours sleep and it helped with her tiredness.

Science has since confirmed what my mother knew all those years ago.  When we relax in yoga nidra our blood pressure lowers, the heart rate is slower and the parasympathetic nervous system which is associated with the 'quieter' activities in the body is engaged.  Brain scans show that there is an increase in alpha waves followed by an increase in theta waves which are associated with sleep and a relaxation of the nervous system.  There is also a decrease in beta waves which are associated with the alert state.

If you want to try yoga nidra for yourself, the link to my video on my YouTube Channel is below.  
Yoga nidra-

Isn't yoga wonderful?

Janet x

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