Monday, 21 December 2015

Mindfulness - Mindful of having fun

In our yoga practice, as in life, it is important to have fun sometimes.  When your yoga practice is fun, you are more motivated to show up on your mat each day.  

Learning to laugh when things don't go quite right is a valuable lesson on or off the mat. For instance, if like me you have a tendency to fall out of Tree pose or your coming out of Frog pose is ungainly. The healing powers of laughter are well documented.  You may have heard me say in my yoga videos 'advanced is to smile'.  This is not a flippant remark.  When you smile in a challenging pose, you can start to relax into the pose because you fool your mind into believing you are content.

When I was teaching yoga classes I remember that partner yoga caused a great deal of merriment.  This is understandable as it is a social activity and could end up in a hilarious tangle of arms and legs.

Some people find that practicing with music makes their practice fun. Do what works for you.

Having fun releases the feel good hormones, endorphins and enhances creativity.

So you don't need to get so serious about yoga practice - enjoy!

Please see the yoga video on my YouTube Channel, 'Mindfulness - Mindful of having fun'-

Janet x 

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