Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mindfulness - mindful of your emotions

Have you ever become emotional while practicing yoga? This is quite common and the reason for this is the mind-body connection. You will probably have felt your emotions in your physical body - 'butterflies' in your tummy when you are excited, anxiety as tightness in your chest, a 'lump' in your throat when you are upset. We have a tendency to 'squash down' uncomfortable emotions but if we store emotions in our body and do not find a way of releasing those emotions, they can manifest in physical illness. There is a link, for instance, between stress and cardiovascular disease. 

There are three steps to freeing ourselves of uncomfortable emotions. The first step is to recognise that emotion. The next step is to allow ourselves to experience that emotion by sitting with it as we meditate. We may at this stage find that there are tears - this is quite normal and part of the process of letting go. It is only be overcoming our fear of recognising our emotions that we can progress to the next and final stage of letting the emotion go. This is all part of our spiritual growth.  

In this week's video the intention is to release uncomfortable emotions through hip openers and chest opening back bends which also stretch the abdomen and open the throat. The throat and abdomen are two more areas where we hold emotional tension. Lion Breath is wonderful for releasing pent up emotions and releasing tension in the throat so I have included this also. We end the video with an emotion releasing meditation.

Please see my yoga video, 'Mindfulness-Mindful of your emotions' on my YouTube Channel-https://youtu.be/inGZzafEe08 

Janet x

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