Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Mindfulness and weight loss

A few weeks ago we practiced a Chocolate meditation, 'Fun Chocolate Meditation'- The intention behind this meditation was to show that if we pay attention to the appearance, the smell, the texture and the taste of our food, we are actually satisfied with less. This involves slowing down when we eat which gives our stomachs time to send signals to our brains that we are satisfied.  If we eat too quickly, we can actually overeat before our brain receives the 'enough' signal.

If we become more mindful of our physical bodies through our yoga, we are also better able to distinguish true hunger from boredom, eating for comfort when we are stressed or eating through habit.  As we progress in our yoga practice, we become even more mindful of the needs of our bodies and more discerning in our food choices. 

As we become more mindful of our thoughts, we are better able to focus on our food without distracting thoughts. This also means not eating while reading, using a smartphone, working on a computer or watching TV.

This week we have been practicing being mindful of our emotions with the intention of letting go of any emotions that do not serve us. Eating when we are experiencing emotions that we are not comfortable with can make us feel better, but it is not the answer. Yoga triggers the relaxation response and makes us more resilient to stress. Many of us eat to comfort ourselves when times are stressful so this is a useful tool for weight loss. Yoga is also able to access the deeper layers that hold these emotions and release them.  

Next week we are mindful  of our samskaras which are our mental and emotional patterns, our conditioning.  This may help if you eat because of patterns that have become ingrained rather than hunger.

In this series on mindfulness, I also intend to do a video to help us become mindful of our dharma, life purpose.  If we feel we are not living our dharma, we may eat to fill the 'void'.

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