Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mindful of your body

In today's video we are bring our focus to our bodies. We will be tuning in to our sensations as we work through the asanas in order to determine if we need to modify the poses at all in order for them to suit our body. We will also be 'playing with our edge'. Our 'edge' is that point in a yoga pose where we can feel a stretch but not a strain. Our yoga practice is a journey of self -discovery and there is no benefit at all to straining into a pose.  

In the video we explore back bends which are poses where people do have a tendency to push further than their bodies are comfortable with. It is far better to work on letting your body open up gradually than force your body.  

Paying attention to our bodies on the mat teaches us to be curious. We begin to notice where we are tight, where we are holding onto tension and the areas we need to work on. Being mindful of our bodies on the mat also increases proprioception, the awareness of the body in space. This is especially true of balances which is why I have included Dancer Pose. This becomes especially important as we get older to avoid age related slips and falls .

Off the mat being mindful of our bodies increases the likelihood that we will take good care of them. In today's stress filled world it is easy to get out of touch with our bodies and live 'in our heads'. Through our yoga practice we start to notice when we are not holding ourselves with good posture. We are more likely to eat a more nutritionally balanced diet, make sure we have adequate sleep, take exercise etc. In this way, being mindful of our bodies may also help us control our weight. We are able to recognise when we are 'bodily' hungry rather than eating because we are bored, stressed etc. In other words yoga enables us become more in tune with our needs.  Please see the video on my YouTube channel-'Mindfulness-Mindful of your body'- https://youtu.be/T9cUKLlyo1w

We end the video with a body appreciation meditation. Please see the video on my YouTube channel-https://youtu.be/d9aNZwephw8 We often take our bodies for granted, maybe it is time for you to let your body know just how much you appreciate all it does for you.

Janet x

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