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Yoga to help relieve pain: Pain caused by lifestyle-running

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Yoga is a great complement to running or power walking. Runners and power walkers can have tight hips, quadricep muscles, hamstrings and IT band which runs from the outside of the hip to the thigh. It is important to stretch these muscles in order to prevent this. As with gardening, you should warm up before running and do some stretches after running.  
Today's practice would be suitable for both, or if time is limited, the supta padagusthasana sequence is good for stretching the hamstrings, the inner thighs and the IT band before a run. Add a lunge or Pigeon pose to stretch the quadriceps.  

After a run a twist is good to stretch the shoulders, open the chest and to release the neck.  When we run or power walk we tend to have the head and shoulders forward creating poor alignment in the neck and tightening the chest muscles. A twist will also help rid your body of any toxins in your body that are the result of running such as lactic acid. Also make sure you drink plenty after a run and build up your running pace and distance slowly. A seated forward bend will help stretch out your hamstrings after a run and calm your body and mind. This is necessary because running can release adrenalin which makes your body ready for action by increasing your heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure so that the muscles are supplied with oxygenated blood. This also means that adrenalin levels are lower at times when you are not running so you feel less stressed. 

Feet need to be flexible for running.  Arches can become weakened and drop. Try lifting your middle three toes in Mountain Pose. Please also see 'Foot yoga'  

Ankles too, need to be strong and flexible for running so I have included a simple but effective exercise called Challenging Pose to strengthen the muscles and Screaming Toe Pose stretch the foot muscles. 

Knees are susceptible to the pounding of running so that it is important to keep the knee joint flexible and to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint.  Please see 'Yoga to help with knee pain' http://flexiladies.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/yoga-to-help-with-knee-pain.html

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