Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Yoga to help relieve pain: Pain caused by lifestyle-Text neck and shoulders

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Smartphones are a feature of our 21st century living with over three quarters of adults here in the UK owning a smartphone. We also spend a great deal of time using our smartphones but this is bad news for your posture and can have health implications.  

Our heads are heavy. They weigh around 10-12lbs and that puts an enormous strain on the vertebrae of the neck (cervical vertebrae) leading to neck pain in the short term and over the longer term can lead to pain, or numbness in your shoulders, arms and hands, headaches including migraine, tinnitus or arthritis. Also there is a link between temporomandibular disorders and cervical spine problems. If that is not bad enough, our posture when using smartphones can lead to tightening of the chest muscles, which means our lungs cannot fully expand and we may feel fatigued or stressed. At the same time the upper back muscles, between the shoulder blades (the rhomboids and trapezius) become overstretched, painful and inflamed. 

The simple solution is to lift your phone up to eye level but if damage has already been done this video should help. The video focuses on putting the neck through its full range of motion as well as releasing the chest, upper back and shoulder muscles.

This video ends the series 'Yoga to help relieve pain'. If you are wondering why this series does not cover lower back pain specifically (we did a video for piriformis 'Yoga to help relieve pain: Piriformis syndrome'-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfVPL_eHDoI and SI joint pain 'Yoga to help relieve pain: Avoiding SI Joint issues'- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWDlkyX1ehY).  The reason for this is that there are several videos on back pain in the 'Yoga can help heal series'.  Please see https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS4Wjf00I4uzH4yJja1uNUL48idl2NjH2


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