Thursday, 17 September 2015

September is yoga month - short practice to energize

September National Yoga Month was first introduced on the USA but is now becoming a global event. The aim of the national event was to encourage people to take up yoga to improve their health and wellbeing.

In celebration of this, I am posting four short yoga practices for people who have not time to do hour long practices. Each practice is a complete practice, only short.  This week's yoga practice is to energize.

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Flexiladiesyoga by Janet Barnes 
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The focus is on opening up the chest, bringing more oxygen into the body to relieve fatigue. We practice Breath of Joy, a breathing practice that energizes the whole body.  Back bends are good to energize and in this practice the peak pose is the most exhilarating back bend, Wild Thing (with modifications).

The practice would be suitable for a morning practice or to practice when you reach the mid-afternoon 'slump'.  It would not be suitable for an evening practice- it might keep you awake!
Last week's practice however would be suitable for an evening yoga practice. Please see-'September is Yoga Month- Short practice to relax and unwind'


Janet x

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