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Yoga to help relieve pain - Avoiding SI joint issues

If you have a SI (sacroiliac) joint injury, the pain is usually felt on one side of your lower back. Please get a proper diagnosis from a medical practitioner and do not practice yoga while you are still experiencing pain from your injury. Once you can practice yoga again, you may need to go carefully in some poses.  For more advice please see: http://flexiladies.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/protect-your-si-joint.html

In today's video, I will show you some poses to help support the SI joint so that it is less likely to be injured. I will also show you how you can protect your SI joint in some of the poses that could potentially exacerbate SI joint problems.  We also practice Kapalbhati breathing which strengthens the lower abdominal muscles and help stabilise the SI Joint.

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Note-This video is not intended for you if you are experiencing SI Joint pain. It is to show how to strengthen the muscles and ligaments supporting the SI Joint and to modify yoga poses that may cause SI Joint issues if you have already experienced problems in that area. Please see your doctor before resuming yoga once you are pain free.

Article to accompany this series-http://flexiladies.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/introduction-to-series-yoga-to-help.html

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