Sunday, 9 August 2015

Taking your yoga off the mat - Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya translates as celibacy. It was believed that by being celibate the yogi could direct their energies towards the ultimate goal of yoga, samedhi. In a broader sense it thought of as using the life force to best effect. In yoga practice this means cultivating awareness of all aspects of your practice, for example is your alignment correct, your breathing not strained, your bandas engaged where appropriate etc. 

Off the mat, it could mean not directing our energy to things that do not serve us in particular to stress. Stress is detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeing impeding the flow of the life force. We also need to let go of emotions that are not contributing to our wellbeing such as fear, jealousy, greed, guilt etc. 

Why not try this meditation to help you let go of anything that is not serving you in your life?

Meditation-Letting go of negative emotions-
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