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Yoga to help with knee pain

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Many people suffer with knee pain commonly caused by injury, muscular imbalances or if both knees are affected the cause may be osteoarthritis. You need to get a proper diagnosis from a medical practitioner and discuss whether yoga may help your particular condition. 

Yoga can help several conditions that affect the knees by:-

Correcting muscular imbalances 
Correcting postural defects so that muscular imbalances are less likely
Lubricating the knee joint
Stretching and strengthening the supporting muscles of the knee joint
Increasing circulation to the joint so that nutrients are brought to the joint
Yoga can help reduce inflammation of the joint
Yoga can reduce stress which is one of the factors that opens the ‘gate’ to pain. Please see

The video focuses on relieving knee pain caused by imbalance in the muscles supporting the knee joint.  This may be caused by poor posture.  Often it is the inner thigh muscle that is weaker than the outer thigh muscle. We focus on strengthening the weaker muscle by attention to alignment in the Warrior postures, in Tree posture and in a Wide Leg Seated Forward Bend.  We also practice squeezing the block in Bridge Pose and Fierce Prayer to strengthen the weaker inner thigh muscles.

Hyper-extending the knee can cause problems for the knee. So often in yoga we focus on stretching the hamstrings and rightly so because hamstrings do tend to be tight. But this flexibility in the hamstrings should be balanced by strength which is why we practice Locust Pose and Bow Pose in the video.  The poses also stretch the quadriceps muscles and strengthen the glutes. Any imbalances in the feet, ankles or hips can cause problems for the knee joint and a comprehensive yoga programme of yoga for knees should include hip openers, ankle and foot stretches.  

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