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Yoga to help relieve pain: Headaches

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We all can have occasional headaches but many people suffer headaches regularly.  If you suffer from migraine, I can empathise with you.  I have had migraines since the age of 12. My triggers are chocolate (I have forgotten what this tastes like), strobe lighting, and changes in air pressure and changes in routine.  

Other causes of headaches include tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders often caused by poor posture. If you work at a computer just notice how many times you strain your neck forward.  Dehydration, skipping meals leading to low blood sugar, lack of sleep, hormone changes as in the menopause or at certain points of the menstrual cycle and stress are other causes of headache. Eye strain can be a factor so if you are experiencing many headaches, it may be worth a trip to your optician. Rarely headaches have a more serious cause so see your doctor urgently if you are worried.

This week's video focuses on preventing headaches although I do show you some postures that could ease the pain. Yoga can help by reducing stress, correcting posture, relieving tension in tight muscles, especially the neck and shoulder muscles and relieving fatigue.  

Breathing techniques are a useful tool to prevent and relieve headaches and for this reason I have included Alternate Nostril Breathing. This helps calm the mind, balances right and left hemispheres of the brain and if practiced at bedtime helps relax you ready for a more restful sleep.

The video ends with a mudra to prevent or relieve headaches. The mudra should be held for 6-8 minutes. While we hold the mudra we visualise cooling blue light concentrating on the head soothing and healing.

I sincerely hope that this helps.  Please let me know how you are going on.
Janet x

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