Sunday, 26 July 2015

Taking your yoga off the mat - satya (truthfulness)

On the mat we practice satya by being honest with ourselves about how far we should go into a pose in order to feel a stretch but not strain. 

Off the mat, most of us would claim to be truthful but sometimes the truth can cause upset to others which is not in keeping with ahimsa. In this case the truth will need to be expressed with a great deal of tact or not expressed at all. Practicing satya off the mat also means that you should not be afraid to be yourself in the presence of others, that is not 'tailoring' who you are to be the person you think they want/expect you to be. How many people do you know who have been 'channeled' into careers that make them unhappy because of the expectations of others?

As we continue with our yoga practice we develop a greater awareness of our thoughts, our emotions, our needs, our true self and our divine purpose.  It is at this stage we can live in accordance with satya. 

Meditation is a 'tool' for accessing our deepest thoughts and emotions if practiced regularly. In the following meditation we work with a mantra 'Sat nam' which translates as 'I am true'. 

Sit in a comfortable position either cross-legged or seated in a chair. 

Close your eyes and release any thoughts from your mind as you begin to watch your breath.

When your breath has settled into a smooth, natural, rhythmical pattern, begin to work with the mantra. As you breathe in silently say to yourself 'Sat' and as you breathe out say silently to yourself 'Nam'.  

Continue in this way for several minutes. If thoughts come into your head, gently but firmly let them go and return to the breath. 

When you are ready sit for a minute feeling the effect of the meditation before opening your eyes. Please make sure you are fully awake before continuing with your day.

I would also suggest that you work with the throat chakra which will enhance your ability to communicate clearly and with compassion.  

Janet x 

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