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Yoga to tone legs and butt

The following sequence will tone your thighs, calves, ankles and glutes.  You will need a yoga block or equivalent.

Before you start spend a few minutes watching your breath in Easy Pose then practice some Sun Salutations to warm up your legs. 

  • Tiger leg sequence (tones front/back thigh and butt) - from all 4s, breathe in, take your right leg back, foot flexed, level your hips.  Breathe out, bend your knee, breathe in lift your foot towards the ceiling. Repeat 2nd side then lie on your tummy.

  • Locust (tones front/back thigh and butt) - with your head resting on your hands, stretch your right leg away, breathe and lift your leg off the ground. Hold for a breath or two then breathe out to lower. Repeat 2nd side. Bring your arms down by your sides, palms facing your legs. Breathe in and lift your head, chest, arms and legs. Breathe out to lower. Take a Child's Pose.  

  • Lizard Pose (tones inner thighs/butt) - from Child Pose, breathe in and come to all 4s. Breathe out, and lift into a Downward Facing Dog, breathe in and bring your right foot between your hands, breathe out drop your right knee down. 'Walk' your right foot out, turning out your toes and bring your right hand inside your right foot. You can come down onto your forearms or lift your back knee or both to intensify the stretch.

  • Challenging Pose (tones ankles) - stand in Tadasana, mountain pose and lift your right foot off the mat. Close your eyes.  If you feel unsteady, simply put your toes down. Repeat with the left foot.

  • Fierce Pose (tones front/back thighs and glutes)  - standing with a block between your thighs, breathe in stretch your arms up, breathe out and imagining you are sitting back in a chair that is placed a little too far back, bend your knees. Hold for a few breaths then breathe in straighten your legs, breathe out float your arms down.

  • Awkward Pose - repeat Fierce Pose.  To transition to Awkward Pose, breathe out bring your arms down to shoulder height, breathe in lift up onto your toes. Hold for a breathe or two then lower your heels, breathe in straighten your legs, breathe out float your arms down.

  • Eagle Pose (tones ankles, calves, inner and outer thighs) - from Tadasana, take your right arm under your left then bring the backs of your hands together or wrap the left arm in front of the right to join the palms (modified bring the elbows and palms together). Take your weight into your left leg, then bending both knees, peel your right foot off the mat and either take your right foot to the outside of your left, to the outside of your left calf or round the back of your left calf. Find a gaze point, a drishti to help you balance and hold for a few breaths before releasing the pose from your body.  

  • Moving Squats (tones inner/outer thighs/butt) 
  1. Stand in Tadasana at the centre of your mat, facing the long edge of the mat.  Breathe in and as you breathe out take your right foot to the right, turn out your toes, bend your knees and bring your arms into Cactus. Breathe in to come back to centre, repeat to the left and continue.  

  2. Stand in Tadasana towards the back of your mat facing the short edge of your mat. Breathe in and as you breathe out step your right foot forward, bend both knees and bring both arms up.Breathe in and return to the start position. Repeat bringing your left foot forward then continue.  

  • Happy Baby Pose - lie back on your mat then bringing your knees over your chest, take hold of your feet. and draw your knees down towards your armpits, maybe rock from side to side.  

Here are more sequences to help you tone ready for the summer:-

'Here comes the sun-bare toned arms!'-
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