Friday, 29 May 2015

Yoga for Kids - Space explorers start here...

So you want to explore space.  Let's get started in our space ship (Boat Pose)

Beyond the clouds, up to the stars (5 pointed Star)

There's the moon.  Here are two ways to make a crescent moon with your body (Crescent Moon Pose).

Maybe your moon is a half moon  (Half Moon balance)

Landing on the moon, put on your space helmet before you leave your spaceship.  It makes your breath sound noisy.  See if you can make a noise with your breath as it passes over your throat (Ujjayi Breathing)

What can you see?  There are lots of rocks (Child Pose)

What's this bounding out from the rocks?  Get ready to defend yourself (Warrior 2).

Phew, the creature is a moon dog and very friendly (Downward facing dog)

Will you return home now in your spaceship or continue to explore the stars?

Bon voyage

Space commander Janet x

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