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Foot yoga

Foot yoga - Note please seek medical advice if you are pregnant or suffering from a medical condition before practicing foot yoga.
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When I started power walking, I realised how much work my feet were having to do.  Time to start practicing some foot yoga!  Whether you power walk or not, foot yoga should be part of your routine.  Think of all your feet do for you and yet we repay them by putting them in shoes that are not entirely suited to the contours of our feet.  This is especially true of us ladies (sorry!!).  But foot yoga does more than give your feet a stretch. 

In the video I start with a massage for the feet. This is simply 'walking' your thumbs over your feet circling your thumbs on each part of your foot. I then show you some foot yoga and yoga poses that benefit the feet.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, all the major meridians, the channels through which qi flows, have connections to the feet. Stimulating these points can help release blockages to the flow of qi or strengthen the flow of qi to increase wellbeing.  

Also there are reflexology points on the feet linked to each part of the body. There are several theories as to how reflexology works.  Stimulating the nerves connected to various body parts is thought to optimise the functioning of that body part. This is due in part to activating the parasympathetic nervous system which is associated with healing. 
Reflexology also relieves stress which can affect your experience of pain.  Pain is not just about sensory information but your emotional state can intensify or reduce pain.  If you are interested in reflexology for healing please consult a qualified reflexologist. 

So give your feet the attention they deserve.

Janet x

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