Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Beginners' Yoga-Opening up to the breath

Beginners' Yoga-Opening up to the breath -
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Very few of us breathe as well as we should.

In the video we open up the chest with twists, side bends and backbends.  These movements stretch the intercostal muscles allowing for greater expansion and contraction of the chest cavity.  This means that that we breathe more efficiently using all of our lungs and empty out stale air at the base of the lungs.  In this way the lung capacity and elasticity also improves.  

Breathing more efficiently in turn helps relieve fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression.  Your muscles are better supplied with oxygen and so are less tense.  As you become more efficient at releasing stale air, you release the toxins from the body that impede the healthy functioning of your body.  Breathing deeply can also help relieve pain which I will be talking more about in my next series of yoga videos.  Breathing more efficiently also reduced strain on your heart which does not have to pump quite so hard to make sure the blood is oxygenated.  

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