Saturday, 21 March 2015

It's Spring !!!

After the dark days of winter, spring is here at last.  Everything is bursting into life, the daffodils have opened, there are lambs in the fields, the birds are pairing up (I've even seen some with beaks full of nesting material) and there is even some warmth in the sun.  I love spring!

Below are some spring yoga practices to prepare your body and mind for spring, plus one for you if you are thinking of getting out in the garden.  Also if you are thinking of doing some organic fruit and veg gardening I will be posting about my second year attempt at growing on 40plusandalliswell soon so please have a look at that.

My Spring yoga practice YouTube playlist. (8 videos in total)

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Namaste, Janet 

Namaste, Janet 


  1. I need to write about spring too and the ways to get ready for it via yoga which you've covered so beautifully! Maybe I'll write on mindfulness too for my readers.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. I look forward to reading your thoughts on spring and mindfulness.
    Namaste, Janet


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