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Happy Mother's Day to all mums and mums to be!!

Mother's Day is a chance to show your mum how grateful you are to have her and how much you care. Why not make your mum a healthy cake like the 'Lemon drizzle cake' on my 'sister' blog which is sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and egg free but delicious?

My own mother passed away a year ago and there has not been a day when I have not thought about her and missed her. Next week, I will have the chance to dedicate a bench to her.  They day centre she went to each week, have had a new garden built for the people who attend to enjoy and 'mum's' bench will be part of it.  As part of the dedication, the day centre 'choir' are going to sing one of her favourite songs 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.

If you are about to become a mother yourself, then prenatal yoga is a brilliant way to prepare. (Always check with your health advisor before practicing yoga). It is not a good idea to practice in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy especially if you have not practiced before. After that yoga can nurture you and your growing baby.  You should work with a teacher however as prenatal yoga requires some modifications in order for it to be safe for your baby.  For instance you should not practice breathing techniques where the breath is held or Kapalabhati breathing.  Poses where you lie on your tummy should be avoided and after 16-18 weeks you should also avoid lying on your back as this restricts blood flow to the baby.  Pregnancy is not the time to be doing core work, and twists should be open, from the ribcage up.  Inversions should also be avoided.

Poses that open the hips are especially recommended to prepare for the birth in particular Pigeon pose, Baddha Konasana (Cobbler’s Pose) and squats.  Do not practice squats after 36 weeks as these can induce labour after this time.  In the third trimester standing poses can be practiced using the support of a chair under the hips.  Cat/Cow is good to practice in both second and third trimester as it helps position baby correctly that is head down, facing the mother’s spine.  In this trimester the hormone relaxin allows for stretching of muscles and ligaments so be careful not to overstretch. During the second and third trimesters you can easily overbalance due to the changing centre of gravity so practice balancing poses (near a wall) to help improve balance.  

Very important during pregnancy and in fact through life are pelvic floor exercises.  The stronger your pelvic floor the fewer contractions you should need to give birth to your baby. During the birth the pelvic floor is stressed so it is also important to practice pelvic floor exercises post pregnancy also.  

Posture can suffer during pregnancy so practice Mountain pose and seated staff to keep posture good. 

Focusing on the breath is a form of meditation which can help release endorphins from the brain stem.  These are natural pain killers and so the technique might be useful in labour!!

Here are some of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy

  •  Aids relaxation
  •  Enhances a healthy sleep pattern
  •  Improves circulation
  •  Increases flexibility
  •  Strengthens and lengthens the muscles that are needed for the birth
  •  Establishes a connection between mother and baby
  •  Relieves fluid retention
  •  Reduces nausea
  •  Helps control mood swings
  •  Relieves tension round the cervix and birth canal
  •  Helps open the pelvis to ease labour
  •  Provides techniques to relieve pain
  •  Balances and calms the mind
  •  Reduces stress

Yoga for Women-Pregnancy-Second Trimester -
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Yoga for Women-Pregnancy-Third Trimester -
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Yoga for Women-Pregnancy-Labour -
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Happy Mother's Day to all mums and mums to be 

Janet x

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