Sunday, 1 March 2015

Facial yoga

Face creams are great for reducing fine lines in the skin but to really get a youthful look you need to exercise the underlying muscles.  Exercising the facial muscles boosts circulation to the skin, reduces tension in the facial muscles, tones the muscles preventing sagging and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  Here are a few exercises to start you off:-

  • Neck toner - lift your chin towards the ceiling and bring the bottom lip over the top (take care if you have neck problems)

  • Forehead smoother - start with your fingertips fanned out over your eyebrows.  Sweep your fingers over your forehead in a quarter circle towards your hairline.  

  • Cheek and mouth muscle firmer - blow air into your cheeks.  Press the air into your right cheek, then your left.  Next press the air above your top lip, then under your bottom lip. Purse your lips and blow out the air.  

  • Jaw and neck toner - with your lips firmly closed smile as widely as you can then let go.

  • Jowl reducer - starting at your chin 'pinch' along your jaw line towards the ears.

  • Forehead tension reliever - place your forefingers along the length of your eyebrows and press down as you try to raise your eyebrows.

  • Eye tension remover  - if eyes are tense we may screw up our eyes leading to 'crow's feet'.   Rub your hands vigorously together then cup your eyes.  Feel a warmth soothing the tension.

Have fun!
Janet x

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