Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day

In the video below, we cultivate love for ourselves with an appreciation of what our bodies can do. 

Valentine's Day yoga special-
In this special video for Valentine's Day we will focus on appreciating ourselves so that we have a solid foundation from which we can reach out to others with love and compassion.  
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Namaste, Janet 

We are all too ready to criticise ourselves but through yoga we learn to be more compassionate to ourselves, and this in turn allows us to release negative behaviours that no longer serve us.  Once we see the divine in ourselves we then begin to see the divine in others and can reach out with love and compassion. 
Yoga heart openers can help.  The Sanskrit word for heart chakra is anahata which means 'unhurt'.  When we practice poses such as backbends (see Yoga Pose Gallery) to balance this chakra we can let go of guilt, resentment, anger and realise our true nature which is kind, loving and good.
Hip openers can help too, by releasing the negativity that stops us seeig the love and compassion in ourselves and others (see Yoga Pose Gallery).
Meditation is another way we can open up to love and compassion.  With regular practice we begin to tap into our subconscious allowing suppressed negative feelings to surface.  This can be a painful but it is part of the healing process.  Just observe, without judgement continuing to breathe steadily and release will come.

Love to all
Janet x

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