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New beginnings - purifying your body


New beginnings-Purifying your body-
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At this time of year, after the excesses of Christmas, you may feel the need to cleanse the body. Here we are looking into the ways in which yoga can help you cleanse and on the wellness blog, 40plusandalliswell we are thinking about how diet can help purify your body

In a follow up article I will be talking about juicing. Please also see my ‘New Year, New You’ videos on my Flexiladiesyoga You Tube Channel and if you would like to receive updates when I upload new videos to You Tube, please subscribe to my channel.

• Yoga twisting poses stimulate the digestion and encourage elimination.  They also  cleanse the abdominal organs (including the liver, the major organ of detoxification) with what BKS Iyengar terms their ‘squeeze and soak’ action.  As we move into a twist we ‘squeeze’ the stale blood from the abdominal organs, then as we release the twist the abdominal organs are ‘soaked’ with a fresh supply of blood.

• Yoga postures alternately stretch and compress each part of the body, enhancing the flow of blood.  This means that toxins in the blood are eliminated from the body more efficiently.  For example carbon-dioxide in the blood is brought to the lungs to be excreted, the products of detoxification by the liver are brought to the kidneys for elimination.  Yoga postures, especially inversions and forward bends also enhance the flow of lymph which carries ‘waste’ from the cells to the blood for elimination.

• Yoga breathing techniques (pranayama) enrich the blood with cleansing oxygen which also has a calming effect on the mind. Also slow, deep breathing or breathing techniques such as Kapalabhati breathing work the diaphragm which the massages the abdominal organs.

• Yoga encourages better posture which in turn enhances better breathing (see above)

• Standing and seated forward bends stimulate digestion and elimination by compressing the abdomen.  Better elimination means that toxins do not build up in the colon. Abdominal poses similarly stimulate digestion and elimination. 
 Working with the downward flow of energy, apana vayu, encourages elimination also.  Try squats such as Malasana and Goddess Squat or apanasana.  See my video on YouTube, called Apana Vayu

• Sun Salutations and vinyasas create heat (light the internal fire, agni) which ‘burns’ off toxins

• Also include a restorative practice in your ‘detox’ programme as this enhances general wellbeing in the body allowing all the systems of the body such as the digestive system, respiratory system etc to work more efficiently.  Please see

Please follow this link for my YouTube video called New Year, New You Series-Detox that accompanies this article.

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