Monday, 17 November 2014

What's happening on 40plusandalliswell

On 40plusandalliswell we had a recipe for vegan sausages 
To compliment our 'How yoga boosts health series-Spinal health' we had 'Love your back' 
We talked about saturated fat which has been in the news lately because some doctors now believe saturated fat is not the 'villain' that it has been made out to be in the past 
Treat yourself to a guilt free 'Caramel' apple cake made with anti-oxidant rich lacuma
For those cold days there is a 'Mock cock-a-leekie soup'.  
Why not make dry body brushing part of your daily routine. Learn how to body brush and read about the benefits of body brushing on the blog.
The cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry. Try out my simple face mask to regain a glowing skin

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