Friday, 31 October 2014

What's happening on 40plusandalliswell

If you have left over pumpkin from the Halloween celebrations you may want to try out my 'Jack O Lantern' stew baked in a pumpkin which was posted for Meatless Monday this week (if your pumpkin has holes in for eyes/mouth/nose you could make it in a casserole dish using the scooped out flesh)
There is also a recipe for 'Cheesecake' Pumpkin Pie which is delicious served with banana ice cream
Continuing the 'Love your....' series there was an article 'Love your circulation'
Our superfood focus was surprising, it was chocolate and you will find a recipe for double chocolate buns for you to enjoy
If the short autumn days leave you fatigued, depressed and craving carbs, you could be suffering from SAD. See my article which has tips that may help

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