Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Introduction to new series - How yoga boosts health

The inspiration for my next series came from reading my article 'How yoga can help heal'.  So many of us come to yoga with the aim of improving our health and it is true that yoga can lead to improvements in health, in many and diverse ways.  Recently, as you may know if you follow my blog, I have had a broken wrist.  When my 'pot' was removed they recommended yoga as a way of getting flexibility back into my wrist.  This was certainly 'preaching to the converted'!!
Science is confirming what yogis have known for thousands of years.  Current reseach suggests yoga may reduce back pain, stress, anxiety and depression, lower high blood pressure, and relieve insomnia.  Yoga can also reduce heart rate, which helps people with heart disease.  I believe yoga has helped improve my lung function (I suffered lung damage when chicken pox invaded my lung some years ago) and has improved my bone density (osteoporosis was a 'side effect' of steroid inhalers taken to improve breathing when my lung was damaged).  In other words yoga has given me my life back and I can now lead a very active life with daily yoga and long country walks.
As always check with your doctor if you suffer from any health condition before practicing yoga.
I hope that the series will be of benefit to everyone!
Be healthy, be happy.
Janet x
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