Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Reynauds Awareness Month February 2014

As Reynauds Awareness Month comes to an end here are my top poses to help with the condition. Don't forget to wrap up warm in cold weather with two pairs of gloves and thermal socks. When I suffered with the condition a herbalist recommended that I take Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) which I am pleased to say cured me of the condition.

Downward facing dog-this improves circulation to the upper body including the hands. From all fours exhale and lift the hips high.

Pigeon Pose- opens up the chest and increases circulation to the spine. From Downward facing dog bring the right knee forward to the right wrist and take the right foot towards the left bringing the hips down. Tuck the back toes to level up the hips and lift the chest. Repeat second side.

High Lunge-Improves muscle tone in the legs encouraging blood flow to the heart. From Downward facing dog inhale, and bring the right foot forward. On the next inhale lift the arms high keeping the back heal lifted. Work the legs strongly. Repeat second side.

Shoulder stand-improves circulation from the legs back to the heart. From Plough Pose take one leg up then the other supporting the lower back with the hands. You are advised to use a blanket under the shoulders to give the neck space. If you are not familiar with Shoulder Stand  an alternative would be Legs up the Wall. 

Savasana-relaxes the muscles and allows blood to flow into the capillaries. 

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day - 5 poses for opening up to love

It's Valentine's Day and love is all around.  The following poses will


From a prone position, take the hands to armpit/ chest, ease the shoulders down the back and keeping the elbows close into the body inhale and lift using the back muscles. Press the tail bone away to avoid pinching in the lower back.
To come out exhale and lower. Press back to a Child's pose.

Bow Pose

From a prone position, arms by your sides and forehead to the mat, bend both knees and reach back for feet/ ankles/shins. Inhale and press the feet up and back lifting the chest up from the mat. You can modify the pose by practicing with one leg at a time.
To come out exhale and lower, release the feet and press back to a Child's pose.


From all fours slide the right knee towards the right wrist, slide the left leg back, tucking the toes to help level the hips  the front of the mat. Inhale walk your hands back and lift the chest. You can support the right buttock with a block and the left thigh with another block if you need to.
To come out slide back to all fours. Repeat second side. Press back to a Child's pose.

Crescent Moon Pose

From Child's pose, stretch your arms forward, come onto all fours then breathe out to lift your hips into a Downward Facing Dog. From downward facing dog, inhale and step the right foot forward between the hands, exhale drop the back knee. Inhale stretch the arms up and curl back, tucking the tail bone under.
To come out, exhale bring the hands down, inhale lift the back knee, exhale return to downward facing dog and repeat second side.  Take a Child's pose then come to lying on your mat.

Note advanced pose

Lie on the mat with your knees bent. Take your hands by your ears with the fingers pointing out. Press into the hands and come up onto the top of the head. Inhale and press into the hands and feet to come into the full pose.
To come out  lower the top of your head to the mat, tuck the chin and slowly lower as you exhale.  Hug the knees in and rock from side to side then make circles in both directions to release the lower back.

Please read my blog disclaimer
Please note as of August 2014 I am no longer a donation based yoga teacher. Thank you
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