Thursday, 29 June 2017

Yoga and the moon

You will be aware that the moon exerts a pull on the oceans causing high and low tides and if you consider that people are 70% water, the moon must affect us to some extent.  
There is a belief among some yogis that you should refrain from yoga practice when the moon is full.  In fact a full moon affects prana vayu causing an upward movement of energy leading to over-stimulation that can increase the risk of injury and disrupt sleep. A yoga practice at this time should therefore focus on the opposite energy - a grounding practice which encourages the downward movement of energy, apana vayu. Similarly a new moon has weak energy and, because digestive energy may be weak some yogis fast at this time. A yoga practice should be an invigorating one that focuses on prana vayu.  

Try this moon salutation to ground your energy at the time of the full moon. Please see 'Moon salutation'.

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