Sunday, 5 February 2017

With a little help from a friend - seated twist / forward bend and backbend

Having a friend to help you with some poses can help you move deeper into those poses, feel supported, help you trust others and bring a sense of fun into your yoga practice.  With Valentine's Day coming up, it is the ideal time to introduce your partner to yoga - it can strengthen the bonds between you.  

It is also important when practicing partner yoga to keep talking to each other so that you can make any adjustments you need to feel comfortable in the pose - this has the benefit of increasing your communication skills.

Sit in a cross-leg position, right shin in front of left and with your back pressed against your partner's back - you may sit on a block if your lower back is rounding.  Take your right hand to your partner's left thigh - your partner takes his/her right hand to your left thigh.  Breathe in as you both lengthen through your spines, breathe out as you twist to the right using your hold on your partner's thigh to help you deepen your twist.  Take care not to strain your neck, which is easy to do because it is the most mobile part of your spine.  Hold for a few breaths then inhale lengthen through your spine and release.  

Link arms with your partner and decide who is going to fold forward and who is going to bend back first.  The partner folding forward breathes out and hinges forward while the partner bending back allows his/herself to be gently drawn back into a supported back bend.  

Talk to one another to decide when to release the pose.  The partner hinging forward breathes in to come up slowly while the partner in the supported back bend breathes out to release the pose.  Repeat with the partner who hinged forward receiving a supported back bend, the other partner folding forward.

Change the cross of your legs and repeat the sequence, twisting to the left this time.

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Have fun!


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