Sunday, 19 February 2017

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This recipe reminds me of the bread pizzas my uncle from Sicily used to make.
There is nothing like freshly baked bread and paired with a 'meatball' topping, well it's a marriage made in heaven! Just right for sharing on Valentine's Day.
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It's Valentine's Day and the last thing you want is cracked, dried or chapped lips but the weather seems to be determined to make sure this is exactly what you will have. Winter sun, cold, drying winds make for less than perfect lips but it needn't be like this.
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It's Kindness week so you might want to practice this 'Loving kindness meditation' on my YouTube Channel-

The gut flora can influence the way we store fat, our blood sugar levels and how we respond to leptin and ghrelin which control appetite. In this blog post we look at how we can diversify our gut flora to help us reach our healthy weight.
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