Saturday, 24 December 2016

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Portobello mushrooms add a 'meatiness' to this year's nut roast recipe, and the cranberry glaze says 'Christmas'-
'Nut roast stuffed Portobello mushrooms with cranberry glaze' 
Meatless Monday recipe on my 'sister' blog-

It's not too late to plan your vegan Christmas! Take a look at my Christmas recipes below plus many more in this blog post for inspiration. 
I hope you enjoy! Please see my my 'sister' blog-

Dark, rich, chocolaty, my 'Vegan chocolate yule stump cake' has no added sugar and it's gluten free too! 
Follow the blog link to my 'sister' blog for the recipe! -

Bringing the outdoors in with a real tree has been shown to have health benefits, Even if you do not have a real tree you can get some of the benefits using pine essential oil. See the link to my 'sister' blog below-

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