Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Anxious? Try a digital detox!

When my daughters were growing up use of the internet was just starting to become more common in our homes.  It cost 1p per minute and while the internet was on, the phone line was blocked.  Since then the advent of internet providers mean that we can be online not only in our homes but on our smartphones any time we want.  In many ways this has enriched our lives but we are also beginning to notice the negative effects of internet use. 

Many of us spend hours each day gazing at a screen and this means our energy is all in our heads where it can lead to anxiety.  A grounding yoga practice would help and this is what we will be doing next week in our yoga video as we continue with our series on anxiety.

The fact that technology has enabled us to access emails anytime and anywhere means there is no longer a demarcation between work and home life.  This means that we spend less time with family and friends, something that is important to our mental health.  There is also a correlation between smartphone use and poor sleep quality which is also linked to anxiety. This is because use of smartphones suppresses melatonin production which affects the circadian rhythms that control sleep. 

Social media too can cause unnecessary worry especially if you are prone to anxiety.  People only post what they want you to see so you get a skewed view of their lives.  

Try limiting your technology usage when you are at home say in the evenings and at weekends and notice if there is a lowering of your anxiety.

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