Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Yoga to help heal after a tough time - looking inside yourself for the wisdom to move on

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Deep inside of you is the inner wisdom you need to move on after a tough time.  Sometimes though this inner wisdom is hidden by our busy minds and stress.  It is as if the windows of your mind become clouded over preventing us seeing what is already there.  Your inner wisdom can also be hidden by lack of forgiveness.  It can be hard but by forgiving we grow spiritually, gaining the wisdom to know that everything happens for a reason although you may not see it at the time. 

In our video this week we focus on activating our intuition which will help us access our inner wisdom. We therefore practice some eye yoga to enable you to see the way forward in your life more clearly.  We also practice Eagle pose.  Eagles have wonderful vision which they need to catch their prey from high in the sky.  The Sanskrit for Eagle Pose is Garudasana and garuda means 'to devour'. Let practicing Eagle help your devour anything preventing you seeing your way forward.

When your mind is calm you can see things more clearly.  Just as a lake is stirred up by the wind moving across it so that you cannot see the bottom, stressful thoughts stir up your mind so that you cannot think clearly.  Through our yoga practice we can calm our minds to see more clearly just like seeing the bottom of the lake when the wind drops.  The emphasis is therefore on forward bends, half inversions, balances and moving meditation. Our meditation this week is a candle meditation to illuminate what we already know deep inside.

Janet x

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