Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Yoga for real life - morning yoga

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In this new series, 'Yoga for real life', we look at how yoga can fit in with your daily routine. We start with a morning practice to energise us for the day.

Before sunrise is the ideal time to practice yoga.  At this time vata energy is dominant, but later kapha energy dominates which  can make you feel sluggish. Early morning is also a quieter time of day which makes it easier to meditate.   It is best to practice before breakfast.

Idealy your morning yoga practice will release any overnight stiffness, energize you for the day ahead, make you mentally alert and light up your digestive fire.  Sun Salutations are ideal - they boost circulation, work all the muscles and joints, and benefit to the respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system and endocrine system. It is also important to start the day with a positive outlook - it really does make a difference to how your day goes. Try it!!

Janet x 

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