Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Yoga to help heal after a tough time - feeling insecure

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We all have times in our lives that are tough.  It might be because of a bereavement, a break up or other relationship problems, redundancy, financial difficulties or physical or mental illness such as depression.  

Tough times can leave us feeling vulnerable, insecure.  We may be left with feelings of worthlessness, feelings that we cannot cope.  We may not know how to move forward or we may be angry at life for throwing you a mean curved ball.  

At times like these it is important to focus on bringing our root chakra, which is to do with our security into balance.  Once we regain balance we feel supported, we can let go of fears and feel safe and start to trust once more.

In our video this week we focus therefore on the root chakra.  We start by focusing on our feet, our connection to the earth.  We also include some poses that work with the downward flow of energy in order to bring energy away from your head where there is anxiety.  Warrior 3 can be a difficult pose.  In our video this week we use a wall as a support to make the pose easier- in life too it is easier to move forward if we have support.  We end with a tree meditation which you might want to practice any time you are feeling insecure.  

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