Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Balancing vata dosha with the earth element

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Vata dosha is associated with the air element.  People with a dominant vata dosha tend to be active but tire easily. If vata gets out of balance they can suffer from insomnia, stress and exhaustion.  They also have a tendency to be 'spacey'. To combat these tendencies our practice this week is focused on the heaviness of the earth element to bring the lightness of air associated with vata dosha into balance.  The practice will therefore be a grounding practice that will bring the energy down reducing the stress and anxiety associated with vata dosha. Throughout our practice we will be aware of our connection to the earth. I have also included some poses for the fire element because people of the vata dosha tend to feel the cold. We end with guided meditation with grounding images.

That brings us to the end of this series on the elements but I may return to it in the future. The next series on the elements would be focused on bringing all the elements into balance which is the basis of good heath. I will focus on how deficiencies or excesses of the elements can result in health issues. For instance with a deficiency of the fire element may lead to poor immunity and digestion and absorption of food may be inadequate.

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