Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Elements and the Chakras -Part 5- Ether

Join me for the yoga video,'The Elements and the Chakras -Part 5- Ether' on my YouTube Channel-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PegF-gqomGk

Ether refers to the space outside of you and also to your inner space.  In your body energy flows in these spaces and your thoughts and emotions reside in the spaces.  It is also where we experience spiritual awakening. However it is by the spinning of the the throat chakra that ether energies are formed. Because of this the element ether is associated with your self-expression, your truth and ability to communicate.  Ether is also the space in which the other elements reside.  You can see from this that the ether element is everywhere inside and outside of you.  It is cold as it lacks the warmth of fire, light because it lacks the heaviness of earth, and unlike air which flows, space is immobile. However in the throat chakra the sounds created in the throat space are able to expand out just as space expands to fill the universe.  

You may tune in sound of the space outside of you by chanting 'om', the sound which permeates space.  We begin our practice in this way in this week's video.  Our focus is mainly on the throat space but we also think about creating space in the shoulders, chest, spine, hips and back of the legs.

Janet x

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