Sunday, 3 April 2016

Yoga for every body - men- hip flexibility

Men tend to be less flexible in their joints than women.  This may be partly because men tend to have greater muscle mass than women and if muscles are not stretched regularly they tighten which may limit the range of motion of the joints.  Women also have more flexible hips due to their hormones.  

Flexibility is important for several reasons.  Firstly when muscles around a joint are tight, blood and prana flow to that joint are impeded which can impact on the long term health of that joint eventually leading to impaired joint function and bone loss.  If you participate in sports, increasing your flexibility will lower your risk of injury as well as your everyday risk of injury. Your hips are also where you hold onto negative emotions so increasing the flexibility in the hips will help you let these go. Improving your hip flexibility also helps you to maintain good posture.

In the video below we put the hip joint through its full range of motion, rotation, flexion and extension.  In the west we spend so much of our day seated with our legs forward and rarely open our hips. This shortens the hip flexors and tightens the hamstrings which can lead to back pain.  Running and other sports or even walking require hip strength, not flexibility but it is important to combine flexibility with strength.

A word of warning - hip openers can be challenging because the hip ligaments are strong so be prepared to let your hips open gradually with practice - never force as this can cause injury.

Please see the video on my YouTube Channel-'Yoga for every body - men - hip flexibility'-

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