Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Back to basics - Standing poses - Revolved Side Angle

Revolved Side Angle is a challenging pose. It stretches and strengthens the legs, opens up the shoulders and stimulates the abdominal organs stimulating digestion and elimination.  

Start in Downward facing dog, inhale and bring the right foot forward.  Breathe out and drop the back knee, bringing the top of the foot to the mat.  Inhale come up, exhale bring the hands into prayer position.  On your next breath out, hook the left elbow over the right thigh and twist to the right.  Lengthen through the crown of your head and release down to close the gap between right thigh and left ribcage.  There is a tendency for the arms to press the right knee in so actively press the knee out.  This may be your pose.  To go further lift the back knee.  To go further open the arms taking the left hand to a block, right hand towards the ceiling.  For the full pose bring the back heel down, turning the toes to the left at 45 degrees.

Please see the yoga video, 'Back to basics - Standing poses - Revolved Side Angle' on my YouTube Channel-

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