Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Unusual props - weights

In this blog post, which is the last on unusual props we are using weights as a 'prop'. Adding weights to your yoga practice helps increase your body awareness, helps combine strength with flexibility, builds core strength and creates a deeper sense of grounding. If you want to incorporate weights into your yoga practice, here are two ideas to start you off.

Plank with weights (builds core strength and strengthens and tones arm muscles) - start in all 4s with a weight in each hand (start small).  Take your right leg back, drop the right hip a little then bring the left leg to meet it.  To modify release your knees down to the mat. Inhale, exhale, engage mula bandha, root lock and uddiyana band, navel lock and bend your right elbow, lifting the weight up. Inhale to lower. Repeat 2nd side and continue. Rest in Child Pose.

Goddess Squat  (grounding, strengthens and tones arm muscles) with a weight in each hand, step your feet wide and turn your toes out to the corners of the mat. Inhale, lift your arms up. Exhale engage mula bandha, root lock and uddiyana band, navel lock, bend your knees and elbows so that your elbows are level with your shoulders and continue.

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