Sunday, 7 February 2016

Myofascial Release - quadriceps muscle

There is a great deal of focus on tight hamstrings in yoga but tight quadriceps can be just as bad for your posture causing a forward tilt of your pelvis. Tight quadriceps can also lead to knee issues. The quadriceps are the big muscles that are located at the front of your thighs.

Fascia is a term that refers to the connective tissue, that is tendons, ligaments, etc which run throughout the body. It connects the muscles to the bones, encloses the muscles and organs and separates muscle fibres. Fascia forms a network throughout the body, and can be likened to a spiders web connecting all parts of the body together. Myofascial release is a way of releasing tension in the fascia and because the fascia are all connected this does not necessarily have to be where the tense fascia are located.  

Here are two ways in which you can release tight quadriceps:-

1. Lie on your tummy and come up onto your forearms.  Reach back with your right hand and place a roller under your right leg between your knee and your groin and tuck your left toes under (alternatively you can use a tennis ball). Bring your right hand back again and interlace your fingers. Leaning slightly over to the left roll your right leg over the roller. If you come across any tight areas work into those areas. Do not roll over the knee joint and if you experience any sharp, shooting or radiating pain stop immediately.

2. Lie on your tummy and press into your hands to lift your head and chest. Reach back with your right hand, place the roller under both legs and tuck your toes. Bring your right hand back into position as if you were in Upward Facing Dog.  'Walk' your hands and feet over the roller, working into any tight areas.  

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