Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Lessons from yoga- Every moment is a fresh start

So often we carry the guilt, remorse, hurt and resentments from the past.  These emotions weigh us down, colouring our view of the present. They eat away at us if we do not let them go and may eventually manifest as physical and mental illness. 

If we look through the eyes of compassion we may see that someone who has hurt us is in need of love themselves. Seeing this can help you forgive them.  However forgiving yourself is often so much harder than forgiving others. This is possibly because we tend to have an inner critic which is very hard on us, much harder than we would be on someone else.  We can only silence this inner critic by cultivating self love and developing an awareness of our thoughts allowing only positive self-talk.  

In our yoga practice, each time we take a breath in, it is a new start and each time we breathe out it is an opportunity to let go. We need to be strong to overcome our inner critic and since our power resides in our third chakra, our practice this week will include core strength and twists.  The hips are where we hold on to negative emotions such as guilt, hurt and resentment so practice these too as well as opening our heart to release love and compassion for others. We end with a meditation for self-compassion and compassion for others. 

I hope that this week's practice will help you release any heavy burdens you have been carrying to the universe. Keep the love from the past, learn the lessons and let everything else go so that you may be present to what is now with love and compassion.

Please see my yoga video on YouTube-'Lessons from yoga-Every moment is a fresh start'-https://youtu.be/NQlSB8nk_qk

Janet x

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