Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Lessons from yoga-use your energy wisely

In the modern world we are surrounded by distractions every waking hour.  We take our work home with us, are bombarded by media advertising etc.  It is no wonder that we lose focus, become distracted.  

Yogis have a saying 'energy flows where attention goes'.  In other words if your attention is continually drawn out of yourself, your energy also flows away from you instead of being available for your spiritual growth. Yoga offers us a way of controlling our energy flow and also a way of holding the energy in.  We can control our energy flow outwards through the use of drishti and hold energy in through the use of the energy locks known as bandas. 

Meditation is also a way of removing ourselves from distractions to clear our minds and improve focus and concentration.  These will be the themes in this week's yoga practice.  

Patanjali also advises us on the wise use of energy in the forth of the yamas, brahmachya, often translated as celibacy.  It was believed that by being celibate the yogi could direct their energies towards the ultimate goal of yoga, samedi.  Today it is thought of more in terms of moderation of sexual cravings, ensuring your sexuality is based on love.  It can also be thought of as using the life force to best effect which we practice in the video through the use of energy locks. 

Please see the yoga video on my YouTube Channel-'Lessons from yoga-use your energy wisely'-https://youtu.be/EfU3nbNHy_4

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