Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Today is National Stress Awareness Day

Today is ISMA National Stress Awareness Day which focuses this year on stress in the workplace. In today's society more and more is expected of us. We no longer are able to 'switch off' when we leave our place of work but today's technology allows us to take our work home. This means that the boundaries between work and home have been eroded which can be a source of stress. The following yoga videos will help give you to 'tools' to be able to deal with this stressful situation. You will find that time 'invested' in your yoga practice will enable you to manage your work load and stress levels.
Please see my 'Yoga for stress series' playlist on YouTube useful list=PLS4Wjf00I4uzH0r_7p5O4pV1mlF5Rikjo

Also please see the link on my 'sister' blog-'Today is National Stress Awareness Day'-


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