Sunday, 8 November 2015

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Getting excited for Bonfire Night? Why not try this recipe on my 'sister' blog for 'Banger balls with fiery tomato sauce' to warm you up after watching the fireworks.

Apple Bread and 'Butter' Pudding is real comfort food! Not only that but it's good for you too! This vegan, no-added sugar recipe is perfect for bonfire night too because it can be made into Toffee Apple Bread and 'Butter' Pudding.
Read also how apples can help keep you well this autumn on my 'sister' blog.
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If you feel 'stuck', unable to move forward with your life, worry about the future or feel unable to let go of the past. it may be that your third eye chakra is imbalanced. Try this healing, meditative breath practice to help bring your third eye chakra back into balance on my 'sister' blog. 
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For National Stress Awareness Day. Please see my tips to help relieve stress-

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