Sunday, 22 November 2015

This week on 40plusandalliswell

Apart from marinading, this tofu stir fry is so quick to make, yet delicious and good for you. Because they are cooked quickly, the vegetables retain their nutrients.
Please see the link to my 'sister' blog for the recipe.

New on my 'sister' blog an organic gardening update-Harvesting the leeks and also my recipe for 'Cheesy' leek bread. Hope you enjoy!

I am grateful to 'Pocklington Post' for publishing a blog post that I recently wrote about fracking. Hopefully this will raise awareness of the problems of fracking. You can read the article on this link.

In this blog post on my 'sister' blog I share with you a way I have of boosting immunity using medicinal mushrooms. They are also good for anti-aging!

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