Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mindfulness-Mindful of your ego

Please see the yoga video, 'Mindfulness-Mindful of your ego' on my YouTube Channel-

Your ego is your sense of 'I', your consciousness of your boundary.  It can also be thought of as that little voice in your head which advises you or all too often criticises you. The ego is the result of your past experiences, your thoughts, your emotions. However it is often the negative memories, thoughts and emotons which the ego latches onto leading to one of the five afflictions of the mind or kleshas, asmita meaninig 'false identification'. So while you may listen to what your ego says (after all, in its way, your ego wants what is best for you), it is important to be discerning. If you are not careful, your ego will prevent you seeing the divine inner light which we all have.  

So how do you deal with your egos? The first and most important step is to spend time quietly in meditation. Let go of any thoughts of the past, anxieties over the future and just tune in to what is going on right now. What sensations are you feeling? What thoughts drift into your mind?  Experience yourself as you are now. With continued practice you will gain greater clarity of how you actually are, not how your ego would have you believe you are.  In this way inner conflict gives way to peace. Having gained this inner peace, when the ego criticises you, tries to make you feel guilty, unworthy, unloveable, incapeable, you are more in control because you know the truth.

The yamas are also helpful in dealing with your ego. We have already looked at discerning the truth (satya) but key to dealing with your ego is nurturing your relationship with yourself which involves ahimsa (non-harming). This is more than merely self-acceptance but self-compassion and it is self-compassion which is to be the focus of this week's video. It may seem indulgent to cultivate self-love but we cannot reach out with love and compassion for others unless we first have love and compassion for ourselves. Remember in the great scheme of things we are all connected to each other and to the divine or higher force of nature depending on your beliefs. Also we will work towards opening the crown chakra in order to cultivate compassion and we will do this through meditation.

I hope you enjoy the video and it is the first step to silencing your inner critic for good.

Janet x

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