Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mindfulness-Mindful of your energy body

We have 72,000 nadis or energy channels in our body which converge on energy vortexes known as chakras.  There are seven of these that run in a line down the body. These chakras govern not only our physical body but our mental and emotional bodies. When our chakras are out of balance our energy cannot flow freely and the result may be disease, mental or emotional issues.

This week's yoga video on my YouTube channel is a chakra balancing flow 'Mindfulness-Mindful of your energy body'- https://youtu.be/EMs1eMHM8vg. We cover all of the chakras to allow you to become mindful of where our energy flow is 'stuck'. If you need to work more on one chakra there are more in depth practices in my chakra series on You Tube. Please see 'Chakra series two'-https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS4Wjf00I4uwTFCimoPc3E-BCifmTWeIo

I have indicated below, for each of the chakras, the problems that can occur when they are out of balance:-

Root Chakra -  when in balance you feel secure in your relationships, and comfortable with yourself. When out of balance you may feel 'stuck' in your relationships and circumstances, anxious or depressed, exhausted and ungrounded.  Hamstring stretches and grounding poses help bring this chakra into balance.  

Sacral Chakra - when in balance you are creative, enjoy fun and have an ability to adapt to changing circumstances. When out of balance you may have lower back pain, urinary infections, reproductive problems, emotional issues, poor relationships, lack creativity and fun in your life. Hip openers help bring this chakra into balance. 

Navel Chakra - when in balance you are confident, have clarity of mind and have good digestion. Out of balance you may be indecisive, fearful, have anger issues, have low self-esteem and digestive issues. Twists and poses that work the core help bring this chakra into balance. Also Kapalabhati Breathing technique and abdominal breathing.

Heart Chakra - when in balance we are compassionate, loving, accepting of others and joyful. Physical signs that this chakra is blocked include blood pressure problems, heart or lung issues or poor circulation. Other signs of a blocked heart chakra include feeling unworthy, feeling fearful, relationship issues, dwelling on past hurts, or self-loathing. Chest opening poses help bring this chakra into balance.

Throat Chakra -  when in balance you are able to communicate clearly and are not afraid to speak your truth.  You are able to say no when you need to. If out of balance, you may be critical of others, afraid to express your needs, have throat issues or thyroid problems.  Neck releases and inversions help bring this chakra into balance.

Third Eye Chakra - when in balance we are intuitive, able to listen to our inner guidance. Out of balance you may feel stressed, disorientated, have headaches, have memory or learning issues. Poses that exert gentle pressure on the third eye can help balance this chakra such as Child's Pose or where the thumbs connect with the third eye in Eagle Pose. Humming bee breath is also stimulating for the third eye.  

Crown Chakra - when in balance you feel a strong connection to something higher than yourself.  Out of balance you may be depressed, lack purpose and feel disconnected from the divine and others. Meditation helps balance this chakra. 

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The third eye and crown chakras will follow over the next few weeks.

Janet x

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