Thursday, 8 October 2015

Fun Chocolate Meditation

In the blog post accompanying this week's yoga video we talked about how being mindful of your body can help you lose weight. Please see 'Mindful of your body' -

The following fun meditation teaches us to be more mindful of what we eat. So often we eat while working at our desks, while watching television or while reading and do not really register what we are eating or how much we are eating. In this meditation we give a chocolate our full attention as we eat it and notice how much more satisfied we are with only one.  

You do not have to use a chocolate for this meditation - any wrapped sweet or piece of fruit is fine and if you are diabetic use chocolate specially made for diabetics.

Find a comfortable seat on your mat or sit at a table. Place the wrapped chocolate in front of you. Notice its shape, the colour of its wrapper etc

Pick up your chocolate, noticing how it feels in your hand.  Slowly unwrap the chocolate, noticing the sound this makes.  

Take the chocolate in your hand noticing any markings on the chocolate. Lift the chocolate towards your nose and smell the chocolate.  Place the chocolate or a bite of the chocolate in your mouth. 

Do not chew it at this point, just notice how the chocolate feels in your mouth and any taste sensations from the melting chocolate.  

Now slowly chew your chocolate, noticing the taste, the texture. If your chocolate has a filling, notice the taste and texture of this also.  

Swallow the chocolate, noticing the sensations as you do so.

How do you feel? Satisfied? Could you eat another?

Janet x

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