Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Yoga to help relieve pain - Pain caused by lifestyle- gardening

Gardening is a wonderful way to connect to the earth.  If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, it gives you an appreciation of how much effort it takes to grow food.  If you do not grow your own but would like to, there are lots of blog posts on my 'sister' blog. Please see 'Organic gardening-The winter vegetable garden' for links to my other gardening blog posts 
Added to that, gardening is a way of getting fresh air, natural daylight 

Last week when I was out in the garden planting some winter vegetables, I got such a stiff, achy back (I never get backache!!!) that I knew what this week's video was going to be on. Where I went wrong was not warming up for my gardening session so in the video, I show you how to warm up your spine, and stretch your hamstrings and lower back ready for all that planting, mowing, digging and weeding.  

If you are out in the garden for any length of time, you need to take a stretch break. You may be feeling stiff in your lower back and shoulders. In the video I show you a few stretches that will help.

After your gardening session, you may be feeling achy between your shoulder blades, in your legs (all that squatting- must buy a 'kneeler'!) and in your lower back so take a little time to unwind.

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